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RSI Manufacturing has standardized with current Haas machining and turning centers. We love the speed, quality, and ability to run your job in a multitude of machines. Every machining center has quick-change fixturing allowing rapid changeovers, 4-axis or 5-axis rotaries, and automated hydraulic and air clamping. The average year built of the 25+ machines on our floor is 2011.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Dimension rapid prototyping machine serves both RSI’s needs and those of our customers. Whether creating fixture nests, printing a part model for estimating purposes, or making prototype parts for our customers’ needs, our RP machine is a versatile tool we have come to rely on.


RSI has a dedicated CAM/CAD person on staff that utilizes the latest SolidWorks software. From purchase orders to production, we’re fast, accurate, and economical.

Rapid Prototyping


Machining and Turning Centers