Tribal Advantage


Working With a Native American Corporation

Baker Engineering is a 100% Tribally-owned, Native American SBA 8(a) small business of the Waseyabek Development Company, LLC. As a Native American Corporation (NAC), Baker Engineering is afforded unique federal contracting advantages.

Leveraging a Tribally-Owned Business:

  • NACs are always considered Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) as subcontractors, regardless of NAICS code.
  • Can received direct-award contracts up to $25 million (and up to $100 million at the Department of Defense) without justification and authorization (13CFR§124.506(b)(5) and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA))
  • Sole source contracts below $25 million do not require a J&A per Section 811
  • Sole Source awards cannot be protested (13CFR124.517(a))
  • NACs can have direct negotiations with the Government (13CFR124.503(c)(2))

 Sister Subsidiary Performance Utilization (GOA Rulings)

  • Past Performance of a parent or affiliated company can be attributed to the offeror where the proposal demonstrates that the resources of the parent or affiliated company will affect the performance of the offeror.
  • The proposal must demonstrate that the workforce, management, facilities, or other resources of the affiliate may affect contract performance by the offeror, including a commitment to make key personnel available for the project.
  • The proposal may also show a commitment by the parent organization to provide sufficient financial resources to the project.